Make 100% Goat’s Milk Soap

by Rainbow Meadow Inc.

You can make *any* recipe into a goat milk soap recipe just by using goat’s milk instead of water. Rule of thumb for goat’s milk is 8.5 oz of goat’s milk per pound of fat. Below are two small batch recipes – one vegie and one tallow.

Vegie goat milk soap
8 oz olive oil
4.8 oz coconut oil
3.2 oz palm oil
8.5 oz goat milk
2.2 oz lye (for a 7% superfat)
Tallow goat milk soap
8 oz tallow
4.8 oz coconut oil
3.2 oz olive oil
8.5 oz goat milk
2.2 oz lye (for a 7% superfat)

Directions for both recipes:
Melt oils and let cool to 90 deg. F. *Slowly* sprinkle lye into cold
(refrigerated) goat’s milk while stirring. This process may take several
minutes. The idea is to keep the milk from heating up too quickly.
Putting the milk container into an ice water bath also helps if the temp
rises too fast. Once the lye is completely dissolved, immediately pour the lye/milk solution into the oils. The cool oils will help bring down the
temp of the milk solution. Continue as with regular soap.

Goat’s milk soap is more temperamental when it comes to how hot it gets. As a general rule, I do not insulate my molds even for a 1 lb. batch and I put the mold up on blocks so that air can circulate underneath. If you don’t, the center bottom will get too hot and a brownish gel tends to settle in that spot.

Rainbow Meadow Inc.