Bear Archery Firestar Youth Bow - AYB6701

Bear Archery Firebird Youth Bow The Bear Archery Firestar Youth Bow is a durable bow built to help young archers develop their skills. The Firestar features compression molded fiberglass limbs and an aluminum alloy riser for performance. This traditional style bow is for right-handed shooters only. Designed for shooters ages 12 and up, the Firestar is not a child’s toy; it is designed to build archery skills for sporting purposes. Product Details: Overall Bow Length: 31” Draw Length: 22-24 in. Peak Weight: 24 lbs. Brace Height: 7 3/4" For Right Hand Shooters Compression Molded Fiberglass Limbs Aluminum alloy Riser Recommended for ages 12 and up Manufacturer’s 90-Day Limited Warranty

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