Make Chocolate Mint Soap

42 oz. “beef” shortening (a blend of tallow and soybean oil)
16 oz. coconut oil
12 oz. soybean oil
8 oz. palm oil (if you don’t have palm, you can substitute 8 oz. of
beef tallow or lard)
8 oz. cocoa butter (food grade…yummy!)
32 oz. cold water
12 ounces lye crystals

Add at light trace: 1 ounce (2 T.) peppermint oil

Cocoa powder for color (see below)

Take out a bit of the white soap after mixing in the peppermint and set aside in a warm bowl. Into the rest of the soap, blend in 1/4 cup cocoa powder that has been moistened with oil first. Pour this part of the soap into your mold when it is still at a light trace and then swirl in the white portion. I waited a bit too long so my swirls were all on the top half of the soap! You’ll also notice by the photo that I had little light flecks that are caused by getting air bubbles into the soap while frantically trying to get the cocoa powder mixed in (it was thickening and I put it in dry…can’t always get away with that!). You can learn by my mistakes!

If you are pouring into a shallow mold (so the bars are cut laying end to end instead of on edge) you could pour half the brown soap, then the white in the middle, and top it off with the rest of the brown. You will need your soap to be THICKER if you do it this way and are not swirling. Also will probably want to divide the soap in half and only put 2 T. cocoa into the second half. When you are done (and if this works) the bars should look like a mint patty with the white in the middle and “chocolate” on top and bottom (probably more like an ice-cream sandwich!).
by Rita Scheu
TLC Soaps and Sundries