Most parents have an annual hunt for good Christmas craft ideas, so to help you out, I have listed out my top three favorites.

1. Paper stars. These are really fund to make and also strangely simple. I actually use these for three different purposes. I make them small and colored for the and then use a sewing cotton thread to create a tie to hold them onto the Christmas tree. Then I make quite a few of these in different colors and sizes, and use them to make indoor wreaths. This is really simple to do. Firstly find a metal coat hanger and pull it out into a circular wreath shape. Then you will need to cover the metal. To cover the metal you can use either crepe ribbon or material ribbon; tissue paper is not really strong enough for the job. Then you need to simply arrange all your stars onto your circle and attach them. The best way to attach them is with strong tape at the back. To make the wreath look really good you need to make sure that it is jammed packed with stars, do not leave any spaces. To finish off the wreath simply add a large fabric bow at the top, then bend to coat hanger hook and hang it up. The final use for paper stars is as gift decorations. If you are making the Froebel stars then you can form half of the star and stick the easily to the presents.

2. Snow flakes. These are the easiest and probably the most commonly found of Christmas craft ideas. Some people then to think of these are rather basic. However, that does not need to be the case. By putting multiple snow flakes together in different colors and either overlaying them or interweaving them some truly amazing effects can be created. This is also a great way to get the kids involved as even the youngest children can make basic snow flakes.

3. Marzipan fruits. The only problem with these is not eating them as you make them. As a child I used to make these with my grand father and it is a memory I will always cherish. We divided the marzipan into parts and colored each one separately; red, yellow, green, brown, orange. The brown only needs to be a small amount. Then we would make strawberries, bananas, apples and oranges and each one would have it relevant stalks and stems. To create the texture for the strawberries and oranges we would roll them on a cheese grater.

Personally I find that Christmas can be a fairly stressful time, but the time we spend as a family together discovering new Christmas craft ideas and making old ideas more spectacular than the year before, is time I hope my kids will never forget.

These are the moments which form happy memories and can often last longer than receiving any gift from Father Christmas.

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