Looking for a way to make this holiday season stand out from the rest? Start a new tradition that can get the entire family involved and allow you to save money on decorations. In between the cookie baking and gift shopping, set aside some time to make holiday crafts. There are so many simple ways to make your holiday decorations personal and it won’t cost you a ton of money.

With just a little creativity and craft supplies you can create pieces that will make your house look spectacular for the holidays and offer you the chance to create lasting memories with your loved ones. Just a few ideas to get your creativity flowing:

  • Paper Chain- Using leftover scrapbooking paper, cardstock or other heavy-weight, fade-resistant paper you can create a festive paper chain perfect for the Christmas tree, mantelpiece or staircase. Simply cut thin strips of paper and tape or glue the ends together. Keep looping paper inside your original link and create a paper chain that is as long or short as you need it. This simple craft project is ideal for small children and large groups, because you can each make your own chain and then link them all together when everyone is finished.
  • Homemade Gift Tags- Using leftover craft supplies you can create homemade gift tags for all of your gift-giving needs this year. Most gift tags from the store are impersonal and expensive. Make your own using leftover ribbon, scrapbooking paper, glitter, embellishments and pens. But be careful, you might end up designing tags that get more attention than the gift.
  • Bows – Using leftover ribbon you can create your own bows in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you get the entire family involved, you won’t have to waste money buying bows this year. Plus, everyone will appreciate the extra effort you put into making this holiday season a little more personal.
  • Ornaments – By digging through your craft supplies, you may find leftover ribbon strips, pictures, sequins, cardstock and embellishments you can use to create homemade ornaments. Make grandparents personalized ornaments with each of their grandkids or make an ornament of your new puppy for your tree. Each year you hang up your homemade ornament you will remember how much fun you had making holiday crafts with your family.
  • Ribbon Wreath- By cutting strips of different colors, patterns and sizes of ribbon you can create a homemade wreath that embodies the spirit of the holidays. Tie the ribbon strips around a bent wire hanger until the wire is completely covered. By adding different colors, you can make your ribbon wreath to match a specific room in your home. They make perfect holiday gifts and will last for years. It is a fun arts and crafts project that everyone can get everyone involved.


These are just a few ideas to make your holidays a little more personal. Other great holiday crafts include making gift boxes, holiday greeting cards and personalized wrapping paper. Use all your crafts supplies to create unique holiday gifts for all the people on your list.

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