When you organize a baby shower, decorations are quite important. You want funny stuff which will amuse the mum to be and all the guests, but at the same time will make great gifts for the parents. You can make a lot of fun crafts to decorate the baby shower party and your crafts will be much more than simple decorations. The parents and the baby will be able to actually use all of them.

Instead of buying flower arrangements for the tables, you can make some great roses from baby socks. Just roll them and tie one of the ends to some kind of support, like a wooden stick or a straw and put them in vases. It’s a very amusing arrangement, and the mom to be will be relieved that she doesn’t have to buy a lot of socks for the baby!

Baby towels are another item you can use to make a lot of fun crafts for the baby shower. The main rule is the same as with the baby socks: roll them and then you can make just about anything out of them. You can make a teddy bear or a nice doll, for example. From smaller towels you make the head, legs and hands, and from larger towels you make the actual body. Use satin ribbons to tie the teddy bear together.

The main centerpiece of the baby shower can be something truly special, crafted by your own hands. Whether it’s a classic diaper cake or you try something different, like a basket made from rolled and then tied together towels, your effort will be certainly appreciated. All you have to do is rolling the towels on the long side, and then tie the rolls together with blue or pink ribbon. If you tie harder around the ends, the whole ensemble will curve and will look like a small basket. Keep one of the rolled towels to make a handle for the basket. If you make a baby towel basket, you can put inside a lot of the gifts for the mom-to-be and the baby including powders, lotions, baby bottles, toys and others.

Another super idea of fun craft for baby showers is a baby basinet. To make one, you need a large oval bowl, some baby blankets, and ribbons. Cover the large bowl with baby blankets in a decorative manner and also add some ribbons. Inside the basinet, you can also put some gifts for the mum and the baby like clothes, toys or baby bottles.

You can also create some edible crafts for the baby shower. For example, if you bake a cake for the baby shower, you can decorate it with small baby booties made of marzipan. They are quite easy to model. All you have to do is study a bit a picture of a baby bootie or an actual bootie and in no time, you’ll create your own fun and delicious marzipan baby booties. You can put them on the cake or you can wrap them and give them as favors to the guests.

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