Whether it is Christmas, Thanksgiving, or some other special occasion, there is nothing like eating a Honey Baked Ham. It is one of the most famous foods ever created. One special recipe that spawned thousands of stores to open up nationwide and around the world. The recipe was invented over fifty years ago in Detroit, Michigan by a man named Harry Hoenselaar. Harry loved smoking hams and over time developed his signature glaze which would make him famous.

Instead of going to your local Honey Baked Ham store you can try making your own at home. You can make your own for about one third of the price. You will need: one spiral cut ham, half cup of orange juice, half cup of pear juice, half cup of brown sugar, half cup of honey.

First preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Take the ham and put it in a large baking pan making sure to keep the cut end facing down. In a separate bowl mix together the orange and pear juice. Place the ham in the oven for 15 minutes basting the ham with the juice mix frequently.

Mix together the brown sugar and the honey. This will become the special glaze. Brush the glaze over the ham and bake for an hour or until the internal temperature reaches 140 degrees. The tricky part is getting the crispy crust like a real Honey Baked Ham. At the stores they use a butane torch to caramelize the glaze. You can do this at home as well it just takes a little practice.

That’s it! This is a simple recipe and you should have no trouble making you very own Honey Baked Ham.

For an in depth recipe and cooking tips for a Honey Baked Ham visit Roger’s website: http://www.howtocookahoneybakedham.com. You will also find alternate recipes and variations.