Making your own soap at home isn’t just for your grandmother anymore. For quite a while, this hobby has been increasingly fashionable among young and artistic people. Because the creative freedom that making soap offers is a great outlet, the soap is chemical-free, and it costs less than buying — once you’ve done the initial investments — knowing how to make bar soap has far-reaching benefits.

If you haven’t read anything about this before, you might be apprehensive of such a complicated process. So I’m glad to tell you that making soap at home is much easier than one would expect. The basic process consists of mixing lye (also known as sodium hydroxide), a naturally-occurring chemical, with fatty oils or fats. These can be anything from animal fat to olive oil or coconut oil.

The choices vary widely, and this allows you to make your own recipes which suits your own needs. For example, by adding more of certain types of oils such as coconut oil, you get more lather in the soap, if that’s what you prefer. Shea, cocoa butter and hemp oil are known for their moisturizing properties.

That’s one thing I love about making soap – you can choose and combine your own recipes and experiment with the results. When you’re just starting to learn how to make bar soap, keep in mind though that you should keep the ratios of the components the same.

When beginning, you just need to buy the tools and components you don’t already have, and you can begin practicing. Keep in mind that lye is a dangerous chemical and can damage your skin, so when handling it you should be wearing full sleeves, gloves and plastic goggles. Learning to safely work with lye is the hardest part of learning to make bar soap. If you feel confident doing that, then the rest is quite easy!

This is the kind of information that I started out learning how to make bar soap with in the beginning. However, I didn’t feel confident enough to try to create my first batch for a long time, until I found an instructional video that goes through every detail in the process of making soap. Click here: Easy Soap Making.

- Bradley Edwards