The first steps to amazing fresh soap that smells wonderful

For the first step of the process you are going to need to get some soap making lye to start with. This should be measured exactly to prevent any problems with your soap. Always pour lye into water, and make sure it is distilled water in a heat resistant container for the utmost safety. Be sure to have good air circulation around you to vent fumes that may build up in your work area. When mixing your lye, be sure that all of it gets dissolved so you don’t have problems. You need to heat your lye mix up to recommended temperatures for your particular soap making needs. It is going to get very hot, so make sure you have some heat resistant and chemical gloves on.

Mixing your lye and oils for unique soaps that will make people’s mouths drop

Then you are going to cool your lye in some very cold water. A hundred degrees is usually when it is proper for most recipes. This takes some time, and while this is going on, you can prepare your other ingredients. Make sure to have a good thermometer to test the temperatures of all your ingredients all the time. These are the ingredients that are going to give your skin an brilliant beauty. Store bought industrial soap will never have any prayers of doing anything moisturizing for your skin.

Some of the most moisturizing ingredients are organic olive oil, shea butter, and other fine oils and butters. Scenting soaps is something that is very important to a lot of people. This can be accomplished with various essential oils and dried products, such as oatmeal. You will then take all your ingredients and get them ready to mix with the lye. If you heat your base oils, you should get them to around one hundreds degrees as well. You want to mix the lye water with the fragrant base oils and products. The lye goes into the oil base. If you have very strong essential oils, or whole food products like oatmeal or some dried flowers, you want to mix these in after the lye and whole oils are already mixed. This makes for a better end product.

Final step to get your masterpiece in square cut forms-So you can see all those nourishing ingredients you put in

The next step is of course getting ready to pour your mix into a mold. These can be homemade out of wood, or a store bought product. Lining the molds with some type of wax paper is a must to ensure that all the soap can be easily removed from the mold. You let the soap set for one whole day, and then you will remove the wax paper or other paper out of the mold. People usually make a large batch at once, so they have plenty for themselves and maybe some to share with family and friends, or even sell for profit. Large square blocks are the best to make, because you want to be able to cut it with a large knife easily and have lots of soap.

Selling high quality soap is easy and very profitable-Make a couple thousand a month

There has never been a better time to sell your soap than now. The green movement has people questioning all personal care products. And soap is the most sacred of all products that goes on the body. People are throwing their old soap out in droves. The organic soap that most wealthy people buy is very expensive. We are talking about products that cost up to ten dollars for one bar or thirty for three at the high end stores. If you have a lot of friends, or know how to network with people on the Internet, you could make a lot of spending money with your homemade, custom blends. People referring others to the fact that you make soap will keep you in spending money. When you make your soap in bulk, it makes it makes it perfect to sell your products at a profit.

Watch these soap making videos to get making cold process soap fast. Trying to learn everything by reading is very difficult. Videos are the fastest way to learn and not waste your time.