Most of you have tried Kung Pao chicken. What about Kung Pao shrimp? Have you tried this dish? Also, it belongs to Szechwan cuisine. In this article, I would like to inform you how to cook this dish.


Shrimp meat (175g), vegetable oil (80g), red oil (2.5g), salt (2g), soy sauce (7ml), vinegar (5ml), MSG (0.5g), starch (10g), beaten pepper (0.5g), dried chili (5g), sugar (8g), cooking wine( 10ml), egg white (5g), green onion (5g), ginger (8g), garlic (6g), soup (50g)

The cooking procedure is shown as follows:

1. Clean the shrimps and remove their heads and skin. Make a rip on the back with knife to remove the gut string.

2. Mix the prepared shrimp meat with cooking wine, starch and some salt and stir evenly. Pickle them for a while to make the flavor immerses into the meat.

3. Remove the seeds in dried chili and cut chili into sections. Cut garlic into slices. Cut up the green onion and ginger for future use.

4. Combine the salt, sugar, cooking wine, vinegar, water, and sesame oil and stir them evenly. The mixture would be used as the sauce in the following steps.

5. Pour vegetable oil into wok until it reaches up to 60 ℃.Then put the dried chili and pepper into the wok and stir fry them until the fragrance comes out of them.

6. Put the pickled shrimp meat into the wok. Stir-fried them evenly.

7. When the shrimp meat is done, add the prepared ginger, spring onion and garlic and stir them quickly.

8. Add the sauce made in step 3; stir evenly.

9. Before removing the dish out of wok, add almonds onto them. As a result, this dish is done.

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