Thummies Fingerprint Pictures

Ink Pad or Tempera Pain
Fine point felt tip marking pen
Thummies are so easy to do, and you can continually come up with more ideas for them.  Once you start, it’s hard to stop!

If using an ink pad, simply press your thumb into the inked pad, and then press it onto paper.  Add details and background to the print to create an animal, person or whatever strikes your fancy.  If you are using tempera paint, pour a small amount into a jar lid or onto a styrofoam plate.  You may need to gently wipe some off your fingertip before printing.

Thummies make great decorations for greeting cards, stationary and gift tags.  They are a great way to illustrate a story or an experience.  Thummies enjoy each other’s company, and the more of them you put into a picture, the more fun it becomes.

From the book Kids Create, Art & Craft Experiences for 3 to 9 Year Olds by Laurie Carlson