Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzles

Poster or magazine picture
Rubber cement
Lightweight cardboard (notebook covers, tagboard, shirt cardboard)
Clear adhesive paper if desired (like Contact brand)
Trim the cardboard so it is the same size as the picture.  Spread the back of the picture with rubber cement, and glue to the cardboard.  Dry.  Turn the cardboard over and use a pencil to draw curving lines from one edge of the cardboard to the other.  Draw more curving shapes within the larger ones.  Don’t make the areas too small, or cutting them out will be difficult.  When you have divided the area into interesting shapes, cut along the lines to create the puzzle pieces.  Store pieces in an envelope.  If you want to make the puzzle more durable, cover the picture with a piece of clear adhesive paper before cutting.

If you make several puzzles, you may want to label them so they don’t get mixed up.  Label the pieces that go with each puzzle by marking all pieces to the same puzzle by marking all pieces to the same puzzle with a similar mark such as a colored “x” on the back of one puzzle’s pieces, an “s” on all pieces to another puzzle.

From the book Kids Create, Art & Craft Experiences for 3 to 9 Year Olds by Laurie Carlson