You can help your kids celebrate Mardi Gras by making up easy Mardi Gras Masks. For this you’ll need:

o Construction paper in several colors

o Scissors

o Glitter

o Glue sticks

o Markers or crayons

o Some loose craft feathers

o Straws

o Tape

These will be those half masks that you hold up to your face. First have the kids each pick out a piece of construction paper in the color that they like. Then, help them draw the outline of the half mask that they want and help them cut it out. Don’t forget to put eye holes in the right spots.

Once the kids have the construction paper masks cut out they can start decorating them. They can put drops of glue around the outside of their masks and line them with the fluffy colored feathers. The kids can also spread a thin layer of glue on their masks and sprinkle glitter on them. Let the glue dry and shake off the excess glitter for a sparkly feather mask.

You can create an eyeliner effect on the masks by carefully outlining the eyeholes with the marker. You can also draw in whiskers, freckles or any other design that you like on the masks.

To attach your half masks to their holders simply tape one end of a straw to one side of the half mask. If you want you can decorate the straw too by covering it in a thin layer of glue and rolling it in the glitter before you tape it to the mask.

You can also get more involved in the making of your Mardi Gras masks by getting some plastic beads and sewing them to the masks in elaborate designs. Try stringing up a row of beads and tacking them to the outside rims of the masks like a garland.

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