Make Sea Salt Body Scrub-Recipe

by Laura Toms at Olentangy Soapworks
1/2 oz. Beeswax
8 oz. Sweet almond oil
3-1/2 lb. Finely ground sea salts
1 Tbs. Each lavender, rosemary and peppermint essential oils

Melt the beeswax in the sweet almond oil, then allow it to cool.

If starting with coarse sea salt, grind it to the consistency of table salt. (Any finer and it won’t scrub well!) Then add the cooled beeswax/oil mixture and the essential oils.

This is the quantity I make to sell. Adjust the quantities according to your needs.

Use this scrub in the shower. Massage into the skin and rinse it off. Don’t use it on facial, broken or sensitive skin. This scrub exfoliates, invigorates, and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.