Everybody loves a snickerdoodle from time to time right! Well how about if you could take the best snickerdoodle recipes and recreate one of them in the comfort of your own home. These are sure to wow your family and friends and once you have made them they will definitely become a firm family favorite. So with this in mind where did they originate from?

Snickerdoodles have been around since the late 1800′s and are said to have been brought over by Dutch or German colonialists who had settled in the New England area. There are many suggestions as to where the name comes from. Some say that it comes from the German for “snail noodles” although there is nothing to suggest that this is truly the case. Other people say that it comes from the Dutch word “Snekrad” which implies a snail shape. However for most part it is widely believed that it is just a whimsical name made up at the time. So if you are not of American Origin or have been living under a rock for the past 200 years then what exactly is a snickerdoodle?

In essence, a snickerdoodle is similar to the taste and style of a plain sugared cookie, except that instead it is rolled in a cinnamon sugar mixture. What you are looking for in the perfect snickerdoodle is one that has a nice crisp exterior with a soft “melt in the mouth” interior. So with this in mind… how do you recreate the perfect recipe?

Here are several tips that you should know before you go ahead…..

1.It’s all about the rising agent – The key to a perfectly cooked snickerdoodle is the leavening agent. In older times they used cream of tartar and baking soda. But for best results try substituting with baking powder. This gives you a much more even risen bake.

2.Dough refrigeration – You also need to refrigerate the dough until the balls are just firm enough. Too little refrigeration and they will be all sloppy, too much and they simply won’t puff up. So the timing is crucial

3.Watch the baking times – The main secret however is to never over bake them. If you do this they will be all tough and inedible. The secret is to take them out when they are slightly under done. What happens then is that they will carry on cooking when they are out of the oven and they will harden up just enough so that you have that firm texture on top and a soft chewy center.

As you can see, when it comes to cooking the best snickerdoodles attention to timing is everything. As a rule of thumb, 7-8 minutes in a medium heat oven (around 400 degrees F) will give you the perfect cookie. So in order to recreate the best snickerdoodle recipes in your kitchen, follow this guideline and you won’t go far wrong.

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