Rolled Paper Beads

Colored pages from magazines
White glue
Cut triangle shapes from some magazine pages.  Small triangles make smaller beads, larger triangles make larger beads.  Experiment a little, trying several sizes to make your necklace interesting.

Roll the paper triangle over a pencil with the wide end down first.  As the point rolls up over the broad side of the paper, rub a little glue under the pointed end.  Roll tight.  Hold it firmly for a few seconds, to be sure the glue with stick.  Then slide the bead off the pencil.

Make a pile of beads; then begin stringing them on the string.  Colorful yarn looks fine; dental floss is very sturdy.  Tie a knot with the ends and wear with pride!

From the book Kids Create, Art & Craft Experiences for 3 to 9 Year Olds by Laurie Carlson