It’s that time of year again when children throughout the country are getting more and more excited about the impending arrival of Santa Claus. Schools, too, are busy creating masses of Christmas decorations, and taking part in the festive season activities such as nativity plays and carol services. Creating decorations that can be used at school, or at home, is very easy too. You can encourage the children to make paper chains, sparkly tinsel fairies, homemade advent calendars, or even pine cones angels. There are simply hundreds of great Christmas craft ideas to use at home and in schools.

Teaching resources for Christmas crafts are readily available for teachers to find on the internet, although some are better than others. It’s worth keeping some tried and tested traditional Xmas decoration ideas at hand to help get the creative juices flowing.

Children can enjoy creating bright red cardboard Santa’s to hang up like mobiles using cotton wool glued on for his furry boots, beard and hat. Include some cut-out reindeer, a few tree baubles and you’ll have a fantastic mobile to hang up in the classroom

Snowmen made from paper mache using fluffy white cotton wool to turn them onto snowy-looking balls are quite easy to make. Simply use some blown up balloons for the paper mache moulds then continue adding the soaked newspaper to shape it, and to stick the head onto the body. Paint it white with poster paint, and wait for it to dry before decorating the main shape with cotton wool, glitter and drawing on eyes, nose and the mouth. An old woolen scarf and hat can be added for that authentic look.

Paper snowflakes created by folding and cutting white, or silver paper are a classic Christmas decoration. You can literally end up with hundreds to stick on to the windows of your school assembly hall, or classrooms. Each child could fold and cut a particular pattern that’s been pre-planned, or you can simply leave them to their own devices and creativity, as long as they have safety scissors to cut with.

Gathering a big bunch of holly, with red berries, from your local hedgerows may not go down very well with the landowners, or council, but a few small sprigs can be added to a huge mural for your classroom walls. Using gold and silver spray paint can transform a sprig of holly and pine cones into amazing table settings, or to use in Christmas wreaths too.

Create your own Christmas cards and wrapping paper by recycling the front of last year’s cards and sticking them onto plain coloured card. Then let the children go crazy with glitter pens, silver and gold paint or even sponge stamps in Christmassy shapes. Buying a stock of plain brown paper for them to enjoy decorating with their own ideas is the best way to customise your gifts and save money at the same time.

Every child loves using glitter in their creative work, so making Christmas tree baubles from colourful cardboard, stickers and glitter are a very easy way to produce delightful decorations. Simply tape a ribbon, or some string onto the top to allow it to be hung on the branches when dry.

For more spectacular ideas for making children’s Christmas crafts at school take a look at the Christmas assemblies and lesson plans available here.