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This is a craft project most kids really enjoy. It is the perfect craft idea for Easter and egg painting can be a great yearly tradition for the family. You can use either boiled eggs (which can be eaten afterwards) or, if the children want to keep their artwork or you’re making Easter decorations, you can paint on blown out eggs.

  • If you are going to use blown out eggs rather than hard boiled eggs, this will need to be done by an adult. The first step is to pierce both ends of the egg with a large needle.
  • Use the needle or a utility knife to slightly widen the hole at the narrower end of the egg.
  • Before you can blow out the contents of the egg out you will need to break the yolk. Do this by inserting the needle and swirling it around the inside of the egg.
  • Place a bowl underneath the egg, put your mouth over the hole at the broader end of the egg and blow. You could also insert a narrow straw into the hole and blow through it. The egg should start to run out of the larger hole.
  • Once you have blown out most of the contents, stick the egg under a tap and fill it with water through the larger hole. Drain the water out. Repeat until the water is coming out clear and the entire contents of the egg have been removed.
  • Leave to thoroughly dry out.
  • When the egg is dry, you may want to put a little glue around the edge of the hole to help prevent cracking.
  • Once the egg is prepared, your child can paint it. Decide if you want to keep the background on your painted egg plain or coloured. If you want a coloured background, you can either dye it with food colouring or paint the entire egg with a base coat. Painting a base coat is the more laborious option, but if you are using the more usual brown eggs (rather than white) it can give a much brighter and more colourful finish. Sponge painting works well for the background.
  • Paint on your design. The best paints to use are watercolours or acrylic. You could also use pens rather than paint.
  • If you want, glue on further embellishments such as beads, sequins, ribbon, glitter and googley eyes.


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A few months from now, we will be celebrating Easter. Easter is a Christian celebration where Christianity commemorates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. It is considered as one of the oldest and most important Christian Holiday. For Catholics, it marks the end of the Holy Week, which is celebrated yearly. A week of Christian rumination, reflection and fasting while committing to recall how Christ died to deliver mankind, Easter signifies hope and new life.

Planning your Easter celebration

Kids happily awaits Easter just like Christmas. Having party for Easter is like having a Christmas party during spring. The weather is just right with gentle breeze while golden sun rays and lush greens accentuate the scenery which is always a perfect time for family gatherings.

Before choosing a theme for your party, set your goals and objectives. For example, if you wish to incorporate more Christian values to your children, why not have a biblical themed Easter party? Plan carefully the program, food and budget. Having to camp out on a hot spring for Easter is a good idea but is it wallet friendly? Why not have backyard picnics instead? Better yet, have a grand family reunion to downsize your budget but will definitely up-size the fun. To personalize the celebration, you can create your own decorations, include the children, assuredly they would love to help out!

Easter crafts for kids

When you have planned out your entire Easter festivity, don’t forget to involve your children to this special festivity. Decorate your venue for the event and make Easter crafts done by your kids as a set up design to your event. Through this, your children will learn the value of hard work and provides them an opportunity to be creative. Remember to always have an adult or guardian to assist your children while making these top 5 surefire Easter crafts for your children to work on to:

* Easter egg painting – painting the egg shells with non-toxic paints, you can use this as center pieces on your table or hang them with a thread over tree branches.
* Bunny ears – have an adult (such as your daughter) assist your children make bunny ears. Think outside the box, don’t be too conventional, color the bunny ears with exciting colors to make it more personalized and exciting.
* Giant Easter mosaic – have a free wall for your kids where they can draw, paint or paste pictures of anything Easter related then use this as a photo backdrop where you can take pictures of your guests as souvenirs.
* Easter bag – this is very simple indeed. Using paper bags gather all the candies and small toys and other freebies that you can think of and put them all inside the bag, add tags to make it more attractive. Your children can tie the ribbons; add other designs such as flowers, mini toys, handmade cards or paper dolls and voila! You have your Easter souvenir with a personal touch!
* Paper Easter bunny – buy “ready – made” jiggly eyes in your local bookstores. You can paste them in paper plates after having your children color, draw or paint the paper plates whichever they want. They can use art papers, cut pictures from magazines. Assist the children to ensure you are getting the “bunny look” correctly.

Easter (aside from Christmas) is distinctly a good way to spend more time with the family and share the teachings of Christ to your children. Easter is a festive celebration that is widely celebrated and anticipated by all Christians around the world – especially children. Easter doesn’t have to be grandiose and expensive – just remember the three F’s and you’ll surely have a wonderful party. What’s the 3 F’s? Food, Fun and of course, Faith.

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