You may have heard about cookie recipes in a jar and be wondering what in the world are these? They are pretty much what they sound like! They typically contain all of the dry ingredients that are needed to make a batch of cookies. All the user has to do is follow the directions provided by the seller, add a few wet ingredients (ex. egg, water, etc.), bake the mix and voila you have delicious homemade cookies! You can find pretty much any type of cookie mix ranging from the popular Chocolate-Chip, all the way to a tasty Cranberry Biscotti.

So where can you find a Cookie in a Jar?

Typically you can search for wide varieties online, or make your own. There are plenty of recipes offered online to make your own Cookie in a Jar. But for those not wanting to mess with the hassle of buying the ingredients, the right size of jar, and the appropriate décor to make the jar look good, just buying a pre-made Cookie in a Jar is the route to take.

What Kind of Cookie in a Jar Can I Find?

A Cookie in a Jar is usually decorated, with the ingredients contained in the jar layered one on top of the other to give it more of a fun look. The lids of the glass jars can have anything from beads, fun material wrapped around it, and/or ribbon tied according to the theme of that particular jar. The jars usually come in various shapes and sizes, depending on how many cookies you can get from the recipe contained in the jar. Sometimes you will get a small jar just able to contain the ingredients for a small batch of cookies. Other times you’ll find jars much larger; possibly enough for several batches of cookies. The sizes vary, depending on the need for the Cookie in the Jar. However, the seller generally will always include how many cookies that batch in the jar will make.

Speaking of “needs” for a Cookie in a Jar, here are a few different ideas as to how you could use them. First of all, you might just want some delicious homemade cookies all for yourself! Or, you might want to buy some because they catch your eye with their decorated glass jars. Another popular idea for purchasing a Cookie in a Jar mix is the fact that they make wonderful party favors! They are typically very affordable with an average price range of $5 to $10 a jar. Many online stores and sellers of cookies in a jar can theme any jar to your preference.

What Are the Cookies in a Jar Used For?

For example, if you are throwing a Baby Shower and would like to give homemade Cookies in a Jar as party favors, the seller would decorate the jars with a themed Baby Shower look to give them that extra special touch. Another idea is to give them away for Teacher Appreciations, or Holiday gifts. They’re a great, inexpensive, way to tell somebody thanks. Not to mention they look great too!

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