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Occasionally people need to find an opportunity to loosen up and unwind. The ancient Greeks understood this, and that is why they regularly staged elaborate plays. People could gather together and revel in the spectacle. Often the crowds would swell to such enormous sizes that the audience had a difficult time clearly seeing the actors. Therefore, the actors began to wear elaborate masks that heavily emphasized the emotions that they wished to portray. Once the mask was placed upon the performer, the performer ceased to be him or herself and transformed into someone else entirely. Masks provide their wearer with a sense of anonymity. There is a freedom that comes with wearing a mask. People act in ways that they might not act otherwise.

The key is in finding the right place to don a mask. Every year there is a series of Carnival celebrations in New Orleans, Louisiana known as Mardi Gras that precede the Christian season of Lent. This year, it will last from January 1st until February 10th. There are gigantic floats, skillfully designed doubloons, highly trained flambeau carriers, delicious king cakes with toy baby’s inside, and a vast assortment of masks. The concept behind wearing masks at Mardi Gras is that by wearing a mask, the wearer is celebrating a last hoorah prior to having to begin fasting for Lent.

Making a Mardi Gras mask is fairly simple. Take a piece of colored construction paper. The traditional colors of Mardi Gras are gold, green, and purple. Gold symbolizes power, green symbolizes faith, and purple symbolizes justice. Cut out a large figure 8 that is roughly the width of your head. Be creative with the figure 8. You can cut round edges, sharp edges, or you can cut designs into it. Make two eyeholes. Find a twelve-inch long dowel. Decorate the mask with fabric, faux jewelry, foil, glitter, paint, ribbons, and sequins. Feel free to go wild. Paint the dowel an attractive color. Glue the dowel to one side of the mask and you will have a hand made Mardi Gras mask. Go out and enjoy yourself.

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You can help your kids celebrate Mardi Gras by making up easy Mardi Gras Masks. For this you’ll need:

o Construction paper in several colors

o Scissors

o Glitter

o Glue sticks

o Markers or crayons

o Some loose craft feathers

o Straws

o Tape

These will be those half masks that you hold up to your face. First have the kids each pick out a piece of construction paper in the color that they like. Then, help them draw the outline of the half mask that they want and help them cut it out. Don’t forget to put eye holes in the right spots.

Once the kids have the construction paper masks cut out they can start decorating them. They can put drops of glue around the outside of their masks and line them with the fluffy colored feathers. The kids can also spread a thin layer of glue on their masks and sprinkle glitter on them. Let the glue dry and shake off the excess glitter for a sparkly feather mask.

You can create an eyeliner effect on the masks by carefully outlining the eyeholes with the marker. You can also draw in whiskers, freckles or any other design that you like on the masks.

To attach your half masks to their holders simply tape one end of a straw to one side of the half mask. If you want you can decorate the straw too by covering it in a thin layer of glue and rolling it in the glitter before you tape it to the mask.

You can also get more involved in the making of your Mardi Gras masks by getting some plastic beads and sewing them to the masks in elaborate designs. Try stringing up a row of beads and tacking them to the outside rims of the masks like a garland.

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You can make fun and easy Mardi Gras beads for your kids Mardi Gras Celebration with Salt dough. You can make these beads for just about any kid’s celebration too.

You’ll Need:

o 2 cups of plain flour

o 1 cup of salt

o 1 cup of water

o oven

o acrylic paint

o knife

o board

o rolling pin

o paintbrushes

o baking tray

o aluminum foil or wax paper

To start with you’ll need to mix up your salt dough. Pour the two cups of flour into a bowl with one cup of salt and one cup of water. Mix with your hands until the dough is entirely moistened and sticks together. It should be like pizza dough easy to mold without it sticking to your hands. You’ll see the little grains of salt in the dough.

Once the dough is made you can begin making the beads. Take the aluminum foil or wax paper and roll a sheet into a small tube shape so that it looks like a straw. Next roll out a sheet of the dough with the rolling pin until it’s fairly thin. Gently roll a piece of this sheet around the foil tube. Cut with the knife to separate the dough wrapped around the tube from the rest of the dough sheet. Press the cut edge so that it’s sticking to the tube. Next use your knife to cut the dough wrapped around the aluminum tube into small sections about the size of the width of Mardi Gras beads.

When the dough is cooked it should harden enough that you’ll be able to pull each of the sections off the aluminum tube and end up with your Mardi Gras beads with a nice hole through them for stringing. Place the dough wrapped tube into the oven at 212 degrees Fahrenheit for about half an hour. When it’s done and cooled gently pull off the bead sections.

You can now paint them with your acrylic paint in bright colors and string it together.

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Like many of our holidays, Passover is a great time to break out some craft materials for our children and help them make a great work of art. Not only can this teach them about the holiday, but it can help get their creative juices flowing. Here are some good craft ideas you might use to help your child celebrate Passover. While this list won’t go into the details of each project, it should be enough to get you started.

1. Greeting Card

This is perhaps one of the easiest craft ideas, and it is ideal especially for young children who might not be too coordinated yet. All you need is some construction paper and crayons, but you might want to use some glue and glitter for an even more elegant touch. You can have the child address the card to a parent, sibling, or even a friend. Teach the child how to draw the Star of David or Moses on the front of the card. You can even teach them how to write a simple Hebrew phrase.

2. Toilet Paper Moses

An empty cardboard toilet paper roll is a great craft tool which can be used as the starting basis for a figurine of a person. You could have the child make any of a number of Biblical characters, but Moses is an excellent and popular choice. The toilet paper roll will act as Moses’s body. Pipe cleaners are great for creating the arms or for fashioning his staff. You can use a small piece of brown felt for his robe. A cotton ball is great for bushy white hair. Get creative! There are many different ways to run with this idea!

3. Placemat

There are so many things a child might draw on a placemat. He could draw a biblical scene, or write out verses from the Torah. He could draw his family gathering together for a prayer or draw the Star of David. All you need for this project is a sheet of white poster board and some drawing materials. You might need some colored construction paper and glue to really spice things up. Finally, you will need some Con-Tact paper so that you can laminate the placemat when the child is finished. This is a craft item he can eat off of and truly enjoy long after the project is completed.

4. Elijah’s Goblet

According to legend, Elijah visits every Passover Seder around the world and takes a sip from the goblet of red wine left out for him. You can have your child make a beautiful goblet just for Elijah! Start with a plastic wine glass, gold tissue paper, some plastic jewels, and glue. Just shred up the tissue paper and glue it around the outside of the cup. Then add on the jewels and any other embellishments you’d like. Soon you’ll have a golden goblet which looks like it is fit for a king.

Those were just a few ideas for craft projects you might do with your child in recognition of Passover. However, there are undoubtedly many more! If you brainstorm you may be able to come up with some yourself. You may even try asking your child what they think might make a good project. Sometimes children have the best ideas. They might suggest decorating some small trash cans, such as your bathroom trash can. These are relatively inexpensive, so why not?

This holiday is important to people everywhere because it celebrates the achievements of the American workers. So this holiday is celebrated everywhere in America. Lots of people decorate their homes for Labor Day. If you have kids you can get them involved in decorating by having them make decorations with crafts.

You can shake up your Labor Day with this fun craft. You will need two paper plates, scissors, zip lock bag, glitter, patriotic confetti, silver and red ribbon, dried beans or rice, stapler and markers. The first step is to cut out the center of one plate. Put glitter, silver ribbons and confetti into the zip lock bag. Make sure it is securely shut. You want to center the zip lock bag over the hole that you cut out of the paper plate. Staple it in place. You want to make sure it is secure so you need to put the staples close together around the circle. This is to make sure that nothing gets out of the bag. Now you need to put beans or rice in the center of the other plate. Put the plate that has the bag attached to it over the top of the other one so that there is a space in between that the rice or beans can move around, than staple it shut. It is important that you put the staples close together to keep everything in. Then you can add your own decorations with markers and red ribbon.

Another fun craft is a Patriotic Paper Chain. The supplies you will need are red, white and blue construction paper, stapler, tape, and misc. craft supplies to decorate with. The first step is to cut the all three colors of construction paper into 2 inch wide strips. Make a loop and then staple it together or tape it. Then put the next color paper through the first and make a loop. Then close it with tape or stapler. Repeat this until all of the paper is gone but be sure that you use alternating colors for your chain. Then decorate with stickers, glitter or makers. These two crafts will be a big hit with any kid on Labor Day.

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A small gift, a favor, an out-of-your-way effort-there are many ways to express your heart on Valentine day. Hand-made crafts are an instant hit when it comes to gifts-they not only are beautiful but also appreciated more because of the effort put into creating them.

Introduce Valentine’s Day craft ideas in your family and convert your home into an activity center–the kids will love making these interesting crafts and giving them to people who mean a lot to them. Here are some Valentine’s Day craft ideas listed below:

* Wrap a Styrofoam wreath with red ribbon. Glue candy all around and make them overlap each other. Attach a small ribbon loop at on one end so you can hang the wreath. The sweetheart candy wreath is ready.

* Cut two similar-sized hearts from a grocery bag and paste the edges together. Fill the heart with cotton and close the hole. Paint the heart red and spray pink paint over it after the red paint dries. Write a message across the heart with a dark-colored marker. Use buttons, ribbons, etc. to add a few more effects to the heart. Make a loop at one end with a ribbon so the recipient can hang it up.

* This Valentine’s Day craft idea is very easy. Take some Styrofoam cups, paint them red and add glitter. Then, write a message on the cup. Fill your Valentine vase with lots of lollipops or flowers, depending on who you want to give it to.

* Take a small mirror and attach it on the inside of a card decorated with cut-outs of flowers and leaves. Make a crown or tiara with silver or golden paper and place it at the top of the mirror. On the outside, write a message complimenting the person who will open the card to see her own reflection wearing the tiara.

* Cut out a heart from a thick cardboard sheet and cut it into pieces so they can be easily rearranged like a jigsaw puzzle. Decorate the pieces and attach messages to some of them.

Valentine Day Poems are usually based on the theme of love and beauty. This Valentine’s Day, pen your innermost thoughts; weave it into a touching poem which will bring a smile on your Valentine’s face.

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It’s that time of year again when children throughout the country are getting more and more excited about the impending arrival of Santa Claus. Schools, too, are busy creating masses of Christmas decorations, and taking part in the festive season activities such as nativity plays and carol services. Creating decorations that can be used at school, or at home, is very easy too. You can encourage the children to make paper chains, sparkly tinsel fairies, homemade advent calendars, or even pine cones angels. There are simply hundreds of great Christmas craft ideas to use at home and in schools.

Teaching resources for Christmas crafts are readily available for teachers to find on the internet, although some are better than others. It’s worth keeping some tried and tested traditional Xmas decoration ideas at hand to help get the creative juices flowing.

Children can enjoy creating bright red cardboard Santa’s to hang up like mobiles using cotton wool glued on for his furry boots, beard and hat. Include some cut-out reindeer, a few tree baubles and you’ll have a fantastic mobile to hang up in the classroom

Snowmen made from paper mache using fluffy white cotton wool to turn them onto snowy-looking balls are quite easy to make. Simply use some blown up balloons for the paper mache moulds then continue adding the soaked newspaper to shape it, and to stick the head onto the body. Paint it white with poster paint, and wait for it to dry before decorating the main shape with cotton wool, glitter and drawing on eyes, nose and the mouth. An old woolen scarf and hat can be added for that authentic look.

Paper snowflakes created by folding and cutting white, or silver paper are a classic Christmas decoration. You can literally end up with hundreds to stick on to the windows of your school assembly hall, or classrooms. Each child could fold and cut a particular pattern that’s been pre-planned, or you can simply leave them to their own devices and creativity, as long as they have safety scissors to cut with.

Gathering a big bunch of holly, with red berries, from your local hedgerows may not go down very well with the landowners, or council, but a few small sprigs can be added to a huge mural for your classroom walls. Using gold and silver spray paint can transform a sprig of holly and pine cones into amazing table settings, or to use in Christmas wreaths too.

Create your own Christmas cards and wrapping paper by recycling the front of last year’s cards and sticking them onto plain coloured card. Then let the children go crazy with glitter pens, silver and gold paint or even sponge stamps in Christmassy shapes. Buying a stock of plain brown paper for them to enjoy decorating with their own ideas is the best way to customise your gifts and save money at the same time.

Every child loves using glitter in their creative work, so making Christmas tree baubles from colourful cardboard, stickers and glitter are a very easy way to produce delightful decorations. Simply tape a ribbon, or some string onto the top to allow it to be hung on the branches when dry.

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When you think of Mardi Gras, you automatically imagine fun, revelry, parties, beads, costumes, and masks. Of all the images, the carnival mask predominates. In fact, Venetian masks are often used to symbolize the festival.

The history of their use at Carnival celebrations is centuries old as Mardi Gras masks were originally worn to conceal a person’s identity and social class during costume parties. Accented with feathers, sequins and ribbons, these decorative masks come in an array of bright, regal colors including green, purple and gold.

During Mardi Gras, every member of your family, including your pets, should have an authentic, uniquely crafted mask.

Making a Mardi Gras mask is simple. The process can be used as a fun, family activity to enjoy with the kids, and it only takes a few inexpensive, items to make one: cardboard, craft foam, large craft stick, faux jewels, feathers, foil wrapping paper or paint, glitter, glue, glue gun, protective cloth or paper, ribbon, scissors, sequins, hole-punch, and scissors or utility knife.

1. Before you begin, place the protective cloth or paper on your table or work station.
2. Allow the glue gun to heat for at least 10 minutes before using it.
3. Choose a design for your mask. You may refer to either a picture or you can use a mask template. Many free templates are available online.
4. Trace or draw the shape of the mask on tracing paper. Transfer the drawing or template onto either the cardboard or lightweight craft foam.
5. To keep the template secure, use the heated glue gun to place a small drop of glue at the top of the backside of the mask. Allow the template to adhere to the cardboard or craft foam.
6. Cut the mask with a pair of scissors or utility knife.
7. Put a drop of glue on the craft stick.
8. Too add color, cover your mask with foil wrapping paper or paint it.
9. Decorate the stick with glitter, ribbon or sequins.
10. Be creative- add feathers, sequins, jewels, and ribbon to decorate the rim of the mask.
11. Allow the decorations to completely dry before wearing your mask.

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With the back-to-school rush over and daily routines back to normal, kids of all ages start to look forward to the next big holiday – Halloween. Spooky decorations are appearing on front lawns, and even the smallest children begin to get excited about trick-or-treating. To keep your little ghosts and goblins busy as this favorite holiday approaches, why not try some of these fun craft ideas?

Pumpkin Seed Necklaces

This is a great activity that can be adapted to different ages – for younger kids, paint the seeds ahead of time, and for older kids, let them color their own. Paint roasted pumpkin seeds in “Halloween” colors (black, orange, green, purple) and using a sturdy needle (supervise young kids for this step) string them on heavy black thread cut long enough to make a necklace.

Handprint Ghosts

Using non-toxic white paint, cover the surface of your hand; with fingers held together, press your hand down to make a handprint on black paper. Cut around the handprint, leaving a bit of black around the edges. Paint black “holes” for the eyes and mouth. These can be strung up to make cute Halloween decorations.

Paper Plate Spiders

These silly, spooky spiders make a great activity for younger kids. Paint the surface of a paper plate black and allow it to dry. Pleat a sheet of black construction paper, then cut lengthwise into eight strips. Glue one end of each strip onto the plate to make the spider’s legs. Glue on a pair of googly eyes, or use cut circles of white paper with a black dot in the center.

Cereal Box Haunted House

This spooky house project is ideal for older children. Open the top flaps of an empty cereal box and tape the edges together to form a peaked roof shape. Cut out holes for windows and doors, and then paint the outside of the box black. Glue or tape yellow or white tissue paper in the “windows” from the inside of the box. Using construction paper, glue, white chalk and other decorative craft items, decorate the outside of the haunted house, making it as creepy as possible. Place a small flashlight inside the box and turn it on to light up the windows.

There is no end to the fun you can have creating fun Halloween crafts with your kids. With a good supply of craft materials and a little imagination, you can come up with all kinds of fun, scary decorations.

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Crafts have always been a great way to spend some time with your kids and others. If you teach a Sunday school class, or a 4H group, you’re constantly on the lookout for fun and easy crafts. No matter the ages of the children you’re working with, this is a great time to teaching sharing, tolerance, encouragement, appreciation of others work, pride in your own work and much more. Use the time to enjoy each other. Don’t expect perfection. Stress enjoyment and putting forth your best effort. When you’re done, share your crafts with others.

Kiss me, Blarney Stone Critter

3-6 inch long smooth stone (washed)

Green paint

Assorted other colors of paint

Glitter, eyes, scraps of lace, pipe cleaners etc.



Place newspaper on table. I use old adult t-shirts as cover-ups for the kids. Paint stones green. Allow to dry. Decorate with paints and assorted scraps of lace, fabric, glitter and whatever else your imagination dreams up. This allows a lot of room for different ages, abilities and creative styles. Now you have crafted your own personal Blarney Stone.

Easy Shamrock Necklace Craft

Heart cookie cutter (or plastic glass to trace)

Heavy poster board in green or white

Yarn or heavy string




Glitter, paint, markers etc. for decorating

Use the cookie cutter to make a pattern for your shamrock. Make sure you overlap the ends of each leaf, not leaving the center of the shamrock too thin. Don’t forget to add the stem, making it thick also. For young children, it helps to make a ‘template’ they can trace and cut out. Some children can make the shamrock design themselves. If you’re working with very young children, it helps to have the shamrocks already cut out. Next, punch a hole in the top of the shamrock. Now use glitter, paint, markers and whatever else you have available to decorate your necklace. If you’ve used glue, allow time for them to dry. Finally cut yarn (or string) and pull through hole in top. Tie and slip your shamrock necklace on.

Extra: If your children are older, you can use your shamrock template to make cutout cookies. Trace around the template with a knife. Add green sprinkles and bake according to the recipe. Now share your shamrock cookies.

St Patrick’s Day Puzzle

Picture with Irish theme

Poster Board

Glue (or spray glue)


Pen or marker

Glue picture to poster board. Take care to smooth out all air bubbles, and to have the whole picture glued down. Allow glue to dry. Use the marker to make lines for the puzzle pieces on the back of the poster board. Carefully cut out on the lines. For younger children make fewer pieces. For older children make smaller pieces. For extra fun, have the children make each others puzzles.

Variation: Have the children drawn their own picture to use for the puzzle, or color a picture from a coloring book. Remember, St Patrick is said to have driven all the snakes out of Ireland. Snakes, people in long capes, wooden staffs. What could be more fun for kids to draw?

Lori Bedard has been sewing, and crafting since she was 5 years old. Her first love was making doll clothes for her favorite dolls. Since then she has been a mother of two, a Sunday School teacher and a 4-H leader. She has recently begun a website, where she hopes to feature new crafts every month.


Children will love this Mardi Gras project – who does not love masquerading around with a mask, pretending that they are somebody else? Of course, first, they have to make the mask. There are many different ways to go about making a mask – what you choose depends completely on what you and your students or children want to make. To make a mask, you will need cardboard to keep it from bending (a cereal box will work). You can either create a template, or have your students come up with their own mask designs. Draw this onto the cardboard and cut it out (cardboard is difficult to cut through – make sure that you help any children that need it).

Now, you can take crepe paper or tissue paper (in green, purple, and yellow, of course) or construction paper. You can cut it up and glue it to your mask (or Modge Podge it to it) in what ever design you want. You can even make your mask look like a butterfly. Add glitter and feathers and sequins. Make sure that you have 2 holes cut out for the eyes (help with this). Now you just need to tape to the side of the mask a stick (made from a stick, sturdy straws, a wooden spoon, or whatever) so that your students can hold it up. Voila.

Mardi Gras projects and activities – MAKE A KINGS CROWN

Treat your students like royalty, and let them create their own kings crowns. You just need some construction paper, scissors, and tape or a stapler. Have your kids cut a piece of paper lengthwise with jagged pointed edges. Now they can decorate it (with crayons, glitter, sequins, feathers, etc.). Then simply curve the paper around, decorations on the outside, and staple it together. For a more sturdy crown, glue the construction paper to a long and thing piece of cardboard paper right at the base.

Mardi Gras projects and activities – MAKE MARDI GRAS BEADS

Alright, we have saved the best of the Mardi Gras projects and activities for last. Who doesn’t love Mardi Gras beads? First of all, you are going to need to make “clay beads.” Here is an easy recipe.

· 2 cups flour

· 1 cup salt

· 2 Tbsp vegetable oil

· ¾-1 cup water

Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Mix the 2 cups of flour with the salt and then add the oil and slowly add the water. Stir this concoction until you have a good clay consistency. Now make the clay into the desired shapes that you want. Do not forget to poke a big hole through your clay beads so that you will be able to string them later – you can use a straw or a toothpick). Cook the beads for about one hour (the time varies depending on how thick your beads are. Do not make them too thick, because then they will crack while baking).

Once your beads have cooled down, paint your beads green, purple, and gold (or yellow). Once they dry, string them up onto some yarn or string. Now was not that an awesomely fun Mardi Gras project?

Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for websites on gardening, parenting, fashion, and home decor. Her background includes teaching and gardening. For more of her articles on arts and crafts, please visit Homeroom Teacher.

St. Patrick’s day is a great day for kid’s crafts. It is a wonderful day to get out the paint, glue sticks, and crafting materials to create something to celebrate the holiday. The following are three great craft ideas of kids.

Blarney Stone:

A blarney stone comes from old Irish folklore. In southwestern Ireland, there is a very famous stone called the Blarney Stone. If you kiss the stone, you are said to be given the gift of eloquence. It is a big part of Irish tradition.

So, make your own Blarney stones at home as part of your St. Patty’s Day crafts. To do this you need river stones, green paint, some googly eyes, and a black paint pen.

Start by painting the rocks green. You will have to wait for a while for them to dry, so it is best to do this in advance, and have an adult do it. Then, once the rock is painted, let your kids use the googly eyes, paint pen etc. to put a face on their very own Blarney stone.

You can use glitter, fabric, feathers, etc. to add a mouth, hair, and other accessories. Just don’t forget to give it a smooch so that you can be eloquent.

Heart Shamrocks:

Shamrocks are a big deal in Irish culture as they are a symbol of luck. Any craft you make with shamrocks is a fun way to celebrate the holiday. A fun one for kids is to make a heart shamrock.

You need green construction paper, yellow construction paper, black crayons or markers, glue, scissors.

To make a heart shamrock you use the green construction paper and cut out three hearts. Arrange them into a shamrock shape, and cut out a stem. Use glue to attach them to the yellow construction paper. Then using the black crayons or markers, write out your felicitations of luck, such as “luck be with you” and then use it as a gift, card, etc.

Leprechaun Luck:

Leprechauns are mythic in Ireland, and are a great part of the St. Patrick’s Day tradition. There are all sorts of lore surrounding leprechauns. So, one fun craft is to create a necklace using this lore.

To do this print out the following poem:

I keep three wishes handy,
In case I chance to meet
Any day a Leprechaun
Coming down the street.

Then create a shamrock, and write one wish on each leaf of the shamrock. Punch a hole in the top. Glue the poem to the side the wishes are not on, and string yarn through it to create a wish necklace. This can be worn during the day, to provide you with your green so that you do not get pinched, and is a fun way to grab hold of some Irish tradition.