This holiday is important to people everywhere because it celebrates the achievements of the American workers. So this holiday is celebrated everywhere in America. Lots of people decorate their homes for Labor Day. If you have kids you can get them involved in decorating by having them make decorations with crafts.

You can shake up your Labor Day with this fun craft. You will need two paper plates, scissors, zip lock bag, glitter, patriotic confetti, silver and red ribbon, dried beans or rice, stapler and markers. The first step is to cut out the center of one plate. Put glitter, silver ribbons and confetti into the zip lock bag. Make sure it is securely shut. You want to center the zip lock bag over the hole that you cut out of the paper plate. Staple it in place. You want to make sure it is secure so you need to put the staples close together around the circle. This is to make sure that nothing gets out of the bag. Now you need to put beans or rice in the center of the other plate. Put the plate that has the bag attached to it over the top of the other one so that there is a space in between that the rice or beans can move around, than staple it shut. It is important that you put the staples close together to keep everything in. Then you can add your own decorations with markers and red ribbon.

Another fun craft is a Patriotic Paper Chain. The supplies you will need are red, white and blue construction paper, stapler, tape, and misc. craft supplies to decorate with. The first step is to cut the all three colors of construction paper into 2 inch wide strips. Make a loop and then staple it together or tape it. Then put the next color paper through the first and make a loop. Then close it with tape or stapler. Repeat this until all of the paper is gone but be sure that you use alternating colors for your chain. Then decorate with stickers, glitter or makers. These two crafts will be a big hit with any kid on Labor Day.

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