Pine Cone Bird Feeders

This project is incredibly easy, and your kids will love it! For this project, you will need the following:

pine cones
paper plates
peanut butter
bird seed or cornmeal
piece of wire, yarn, or string

Take your kids to a location to collect pine cones. If pine cones are not available in your area, you should be able to find them fairly cheap at your local arts and crafts store. Set up a container of peanut butter and a plate of bird seeds (or cornmeal) for each child. Take spoonfuls of peanut butter and fill the pine cone from top to bottom. Next, place the pine cone in the bird seed mixture and roll it around so the entire pine cone is covered. I have tried both cornmeal and birdseed, and the cornmeal seems to take a little more work and is a little messier. Once the pine cone is covered with “bird food”, take a piece of wire and wrap it around the top of the pine cone, leaving room to attach the rest of the wire to a tree branch. Take your kids outside and have them each attach their own pine cones to a separate tree branch. The birds will love you!