Goats Milk Shampoo Bar Recipe

24oz. Olive Oil
8 oz. Castor Oil
4 oz. Coconut Oil
12 oz. Shortening
12 oz. Lard
7.97 oz. Lye (about 4% superfat)

10 oz distilled water
10 oz Goats Milk
or you can use 20 oz Goats Milk, just remember to add the lye slowly to the slushy frozen Goats Milk when using it as the full liquid.

This is just the basic recipe that I use for my Shampoo Bars. If you want to make it with no superfat and add a bit of Emu or Jojoba Oils at trace, you can do that too.
I like to infuse herbs into the Olive Oil like, Chamomile, Lavender,
Calandula, etc. and use EO’s for fragrance.
by Rita Scheu
TLC Soaps and Sundries