A celebration is on its way and you don’t know what to prepare? Then consider the potato pie as a good opportunity and a chance to make the best impression. This is a recipe for a potato cheese pie that will teach you how to make it at home.

Potato Pie Ingredients
• 1.5 kilograms of red potatoes
• 2 garlic cloves, cut in quarters
• 3/4 bar of butter (one bar of butter is 125 grams)
• 2 eggs
• 1 small onion
• Salt and pepper
• 2 table spoons of Parmesan cheese
• 2 tables spoons of bread crumbs
• 100-150 grams of Cheddar cheese
• 50 grams half and half

Peel the potatoes and cut the, to pieces (quarter them). Cut in quarters the two garlic cloves, but first peel them from their skin. Remove the skin of the small onion and chop it. The advice here is to put every one ingredient in a different plate. The Cheddar cheese must be grated.

Put the potatoes and the garlic in water. Bring them to a boil, until potatoes are tender. Drain them well. Shake over heat until potatoes get dry. Add the butter. Smash the current mix. Add in the following order the Parmesan cheese, the half and half, the eggs, the salt and the pepper. It is important to follow the instructions step by step as told above. Mash the mix. Add the chopped onion. If you have extension of the mix you can freeze it, but it could be a little bit watery after defrost it.

Butter a pie glass dish. Spoon the half mixture in the pie dish. Spread over well. Cover with Cheddar cheese. Top with the other half of the potato mix. Sprinkle three table spoons of the Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs and dot with butter. Bake for forty – five minutes in an oven which is preheated in advance to 350 degrees Celsius.

After the dish is ready cool it. You can serve it with a green salad, tinned tomatoes, baked beans or splash of brown sauce. Traditional or not – some addition to the potato pie is always recommended.

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