Crafts help kids to grow, developing their imagination along the way. It is important that you design successful arts and crafts projects which keep your children interested from start to finish.

How to Measure the Success of a Project:

  1. Are your kids having fun? (If your kids are not having fun or becoming bored very easily, then you may need to look for another project that might keep them interested.)
  2. Are your kids learning something new? (What better way to develop a growing mind than to make something they have never created before).
  3. Are your kids able to complete the art project with minimal assistance? (This does not apply to young toddlers. Your arts and crafts projects should be designed with the child’s age in mind.)
  4. Are your projects bringing your family closer together? (One of the reasons why we like to create arts and crafts projects with our kids is to bring us closer together. If your child seems to be inattentive or frustrated, it is better to take a mini break and come back to the project at a later time. Inattentiveness and frustration will not bring us closer together.)
  5. Are your kids successfully using their imaginations to bring uniqueness to the project? (Allowing your child to develop their own talents will keep them happier and make your job much easier. Example- Allowing your children to use their own colors and designs in the project.)